Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Legit Money Making Sites

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Reason for this page.
My wife and I currently went through a period when funds were not as easy to come by, as had once been the case. The Lord has blessed us with resourcefulness so we decided to search out other potential means of making money. One such mean is simply the internet. Come on. How hard is it really to sit behind a screen and do a little typing or browsing. We have found that by finding the right sites, you can use the internet to make money for you.

In our search to find places on the internet that we could make money, we came across a lot of sites that offered us one thing and then led us through pages and pages of adds and rabbit trails that never paid out in the end. However, in our search we were able to uncover several good sites. In the following you will find several money making pages that are actually legit. I will be including a link to these pages so that you can check them out yourself. My goal is to be honest in everything that I say. If for some reason you find my information that I give to be incorrect please write me so that I can quickly update my information.

-Money Making Site

Swag Bucks is a very neat site that we found which pays swag bucks for searching through their search engine. It is exactly like google, except it pays you swag bucks for searching though them. As you are searching through normal browsing of the internet, randomly they will award you 1, 2, 5 even 10 swag bucks for searching. I have never been awarded more than 2 at one time but I have found more than one throughout the day. It just depends on how much you search.

Some other added ways that you are able to earn swag bucks is by inviting your friends. Every swag buck that your friend earns is awarded to you as well. By inviting one friend you immediately double your ability to earn. My wife is one of my friends and has earned 20 swag bucks for me so far. She in turn has several friends that continue to earn her swag bucks as well.

One swag buck does not equal one American Dollar. You are able to redeem these swag bucks for gift cards, and lots of other prizes. I am most interested in the air miles through some of the major air travel companies. We are going to be going to South Africa and plan on using these miles to help get us there.

If you have questions or comments please comment and let me know.

-Money Making Site

cour is another site that we came across that pays you to search through their search engine. This site rewards you with visa gift cards of 25.00, 50.00 and 100.00. Again the more people you invite the better. They limit you to 300 searches per day and the cost of a 25 dollar gift card is 6500 points. They have a neat calculator on the site that you can enter in an estimated amount of searches along with an estimated amount of friends. For instance if you have 5 friend along with you searching at a rate of 25 searches a day. You will make $328.50 a year. At a max total of 300 searches a year those same 5 friends will make you 1,314.00 in one year. I like those odds. The reason these sites pay you to use their search engine is because they want to compete with google. The company Google makes millions of dollars every year. If they can get the public to use their search engine, instead of google, these smaller companies will make big money in the end.
On the right you will see my link to the site (SCOUR) by clicking on it, it will take you to their site where you can begin making cash by simply using their search engine.

Money Making Site

A third site that I recommend is called YouData. I have been apart of this site for approximately one week. This is a little different then the other two sites I mentioned previously. At this site you will fill out a questionnaire about some of your interests, as well as things about yourself. You do not get annoying junk mail sent to your email. I hate that. I can't stand when you sign up for something and get loads and loads of adds to your personal email that you want nothing to do with. Instead the YouData finds companies that will pay you to simply look at their site. I am very careful to stay away from porn and I have not come across anything like that at this site. So companies pay you nickels and dimes for you to click on a link to their sites. Me being a young man, I get links to deadorant sites, shaving, etc. You click on the site and immediately you see the money enter into your YouData account. Every so often, YouData will send the money from my YouData account to my PayPal account. I have been doing this one week and have earned $2.15 all very real money. This is by no means anything large but all I did was click on a link to get it. Also they have other ways you can earn as well. You get people to sign up. You make more money. You can be as open as you want to be with the different questions you can choose to answer about yourself . The more complete you answer to the questions the more adds you are more likely to receive. I give this site a thumbs up. I put a link to this site at the beginning of the YouData section as well as at the end of this sentence. Visit the following link to begin making a little money with YouData.

In Conclusion

I hope to add other sites that I have come across on this blog as well that I have found to be helpful. Keep looking for more ways to make money with my blog


  1. Registered through Swagbucks for you. Hope you get some good bucks. :D

  2. Good list of sites.youdata is a nice site.I wish if it allowed members outside US.

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  4. Yes i have just started with Amazon, Only my problem is my website/blog does not receive enough traffic but it was after all an experiment.