Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where To Find Free Stuff Online

 (How I made over $2,000.00 from their Free Section)

If you visit Craigslist's website,, you will find a section under the heading "For Sale" that reads free.  Click on the word free and you will find an updated list of all the things that people are offering to anyone who will come and remove it from their home.  I like to watch this section because we have scored several very nice items.

One afternoon I was flipping through my craigslist app on my phone under the free section when I noticed an add for free books.  After reading further I go the impression that this was more than just a box of books so I gave the person a call.  I almost didn't because the listing was several days old and usually the items have been taken by then.

I spoke with the individual who had the books and he informed me that the there were still boxes of books left and to bring a truck in order to haul them away.  I hopped into my father-in-law's pickup truck and headed thirty miles to the person's home.  When I arrived I was very happy to see that there were boxes and boxes of books left over.  I filled my father-in-law's pickup truck so full that I even had boxes of books up in the front seat of the cab.  I headed back to the house where I unpacked the books into the garage and office.

It took my wife and I a full week to list all of the books on Amazon.  In five months I had made over two thousand dollars profit on those books.  I made a big mistake though.  I had used the basement of the apartment, where we lived, to store the books and I began to notice that they were beginning to get moldy. I realized that this was because I didn't have a dehumidifier in the basement.  I decided to get rid of the books because we were moving and listed them for free on Craigslist.   A young couple showed up and hauled the books off in their van.

I have since missed a couple of other opportunities to get more books at my new location.  A library had listed a free listing on Craigslist for another large volume of free books.  I called a couple of days late.  Not only can the free list on Craigslist be nice to pick up a couple of free items, but it can actually be quite lucrative.

Ebay Classifieds:  

I love Ebay.  I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to list an item on line from the comfort of my home and have the world be able to bid on it.  Granted, not everyone is looking for what I have to sell, but that doesn't matter.  With a few clicks of my mouse I can have my item listed on Ebay and anyone can view and place a bid on my item.  There have been several occasions where I have listed an item and had it sell for a much higher price than I had anticipated.

Ebay also has a Classifieds section that lists free items in your area.  I haven't had much luck with this portion of the site and don't find it as easy to use as Cragslist.  But maybe with time it will get a little better and I will score something big on it.  Let me know if you have better luck than I have had.


As the name indicates, the founding of the company was meant to be another way to keep garbage from the landfill.  The idea was that instead of taking your unwanted items to the garbage you could list it on Freecycle and somebody else that could use it could claim it.  It's a great idea and I have seen some very nice items show up on Freecycle in my area.  I am currently eyeing a children's outdoor playset that my three little children would love.

By watching the free adds on these sites a person can make a very nice profit by just taking the time to resell them.  Have a garage sale with the items.  Re-list them on Craigslist, or in my case Amazon, and make a nice profit on stuff people wanted to just get rid of.  


Barter Quest allows it's users to trade their items with each other.  You can browse through other people's items that they have for trade and you can then begin the bartering process. I thought this was another very interesting site that I could see to be even better as it becomes more and more popular.  They even have a section where you can trade real estate with one another.  This website could get a whole lot better as time progresses.


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