Friday, October 5, 2012


My phone bill went from liability to asset by switching to Solavei. Ryan Wuerch, CEO of Solavei, you get two thumbs up from me.

The idea of Solavei is that instead of spending billions of dollars on advertising their service they are paying people like you and me to advertise for them.  You can buy a phone with unlimited text, talk and data for 49.00/ month.  The company is backed by Tmobile.  The more people you share with the more credit you get and the more you get paid.  Here is how it works.  

If you share Solavei with three friends and they join, you get $20.00 a month.  That's a 240.00 savings on your cell phone bill each year.  Got a wife or kids, sign them up under you and get the savings.  Invite 6 friends you get 40.00 a month.  Now your phone service is only costing you 9.00 a month.  

Now if half of those six friends do what you did and share with three friends, now your making a total of 150.00/ month just for getting them to sign up with a more inexpensive service.  As your network continues to grow and your friend's friends invite friends your making even more money.  I've turned my monthly cell phone bill into an income generating device.  

I switched my coverage from Verizon and cancelled my plan with them so I can get the savings. With three children, this is just one other way to help supplement my income.  If you are interested in learning more I highly recommend watching the video at  I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  

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