Saturday, December 26, 2015

How It Works! Changed Our Lives

I had been working in the construction trades for close to ten years.  I had launched my own company and was paying the bills, but I never truly loved my job.  It was simply a job that I was good at and that put food on the table for my wife and four children.  We were like most American families.  I woke up around 6:00 am and showered, made my breakfast and packed my lunch.  I wiped the sleep out of my eyes as I gathered the tools I would need to complete the project that day.  I showed up to work and worked eight to ten hours.  After work was over, I drove the thirty or so miles from the job site back to my house.  My children excitedly awaited my return and I would take off my dirty clothes, shower and come downstairs.  My body ached from physical labor and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch some television.  The kids hadn't seen me all day and just wanted to play.  We ate dinner as a family and put the kids to bed.  After watching television for a couple hours I would head back upstairs to bed.  I fell asleep and soon heard the sound of my alarm screaming at me to start the cycle all over again.

How did I get in this rut?  Does anyone else feel like we are trapped in a jail of our own making?  Most of our lives are spent in this cycle of work.  I read a stat once that said at an average of forty hours of work each week we will spend 10.3 years of our lives working!  Ugh! That's a lot of time to spend doing something you don't thoroughly enjoy. How do we break this cycle?  The only way I can see is by finding a way to make money, still pay the bills, but something that gives us freedom-- that will break this cycle.  I only ever thought that this was a dream.  How could I ever get there?  Was I destined to work during my prime years, instead of enjoying my life?

In the middle of our rut, something happened to us that changed our lives.  While I was running my own construction business my wife and I went through a financially rough period.  She had been following the life of a friend of hers that worked for a business called It Works!  It Works is a network marketing company that specializes in natural health and wellness products.

She would comment to me in passing that her friend made an insane amount of money.  Her friend and her friend's husband were making more per month than I could make in an entire year.  As a general contractor I only managed 4 figures per month. This couple was in the high 5 figures. PER MONTH.  I busted my butt every day and came home exhausted while this couple was living pretty awesome lives at a much easier pace--together. At home. How was that possible?  I was very skeptical.

During that time when we were struggling a bit financially my wife decided to begin working for It Works! She paid the 99.00 for the startup kit out of her own money.  This kit came with product that she was able to sell and a website that she could now sell product from.  After she received her kit she began sharing about her new venture on Facebook.  In her first 2 hours she was able to sell her wraps that came with her kit and make her initial money back.  Now I know this doesn't always happen but this is what happened for her!

She then began talking about the products on Facebook and Instagram and was quickly climbing through the ranks.  She is a stay at home mom and takes care of our four children who are (at the time of this writing) six and under.  Meanwhile I continued to work hard.  I renovated bathrooms, sided houses, roofed homes, and did renovated entire homes that our customers were flipping.

I was happy that my wife was beginning to bring in an income.  In her first month she made a few hundred dollars which I thought was awesome!  This gave us a little more breathing room.  Soon she had signed some distributors who in turn were signing people.  This is where the business gets so beautiful.  Her people were signing people, who in turn were signing people and the branches became larger and fuller.

She signed me up as a distributor under her and we were getting double the money from those people under us.  From every order we gained a percentage.  Soon she was making a few thousand dollars a month.  I began to take notice!  In just a few months, she was matching my full time salary with her It Works business.

We have now decided that I will leave my business as a general contractor and help her with It Works.  Nowhere have I seen a business with this kind of potential.  I spend my time working from home right next to my wife and four children.  God has been so good.  I would have never allowed my wife to get into this business if I was the one paying the original startup fee.  I am somewhat skeptical by nature.  However after watching my wife be so successful she has made a believer out of me.

Here is the post she made on her Facebook that described the moment we decided to work this together!  The moment I decided to leave my work as a General Contractor and become an It Works distributor.

"I wrote a couple of days ago that I got the best present for Christmas this year..... Here it is smile emoticon
We are SO excited to announce to you all, that this Christmas, we officially became a FULL TIME FAMILY.
Thanks to It Works, we now work 100% from home (or wherever we have wifi--lol) as a couple. We get to support our family while being together as a family!
When I (Claire) started this adventure, I put a crazy dream out there before the Lord. It was so crazy--so laughable--that I hesitated to even share it. But I wrote it on a scrap piece of paper, in blue highlighter, scrawling it on my heart. I wrote "Bring Bryan home."
That day, a daring hope was born in my heart. I knew it was unconventional, and I wasn't sure if it was likely--but I promised myself I wouldn't stop working until I saw it realized. I had a dream that me and my kids could be with Bryan every single day, instead of saying goodbye to him each morning.
This Monday morning, when I normally would be kissing my husband goodbye, I'll be sitting with him at our kitchen table... enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a few moments of dreaming before we start our day... TOGETHER.
If there's anything we've learned from this company, it's that nothing is impossible. It's that there are big rewards for every big risk. It's that when you trust God, and put your blinders on to everything else but him, your life can be pretty remarkable."
"You work for 10.3 years."
      (The average American works 40 hours a week from ages 20-65.)
Many of our friends who have witnessed our success are also joining us in this life changing adventure.  I have become a believer!  If you would like more information about changing your lives I would be happy to personally help you in your It Works journey!  There is some strategy to the business and my wife and I would personally take you under our wings and mentor you.  We make ourselves very available to our downlines, and give them all the tools they'll need to find the same success we have.
To become a distributor with It works you can sign up here!   You can also email me personally with any questions at  

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